Colorado Rapids Soccer Stars Visit KIPP Denver Collegiate High School

Posted Friday, October 07, 2016

Colorado Rapids soccer players joined the KIPP Denver Collegiate High School boys soccer team for a recent practice
Colorado Rapids soccer players joined the KIPP Denver Collegiate High School boys soccer team for a recent practice

Two members of the Colorado Rapids joined the KIPP Denver Collegiate boys soccer team at a recent practice on a perfect fall afternoon. Midfielder Michael Azira and defender Dennis Castillo observed practice and spoke for an hour with the team about the qualities that have propelled them to success on and off the soccer pitch.

Azira, who grew up in Uganda, extolled the importance of setting goals—both big and small—and working every day toward those goals. He also emphasized the importance of character strengths like leadership and grit, sharing that a good leader is someone who is dependable, communicative, and willing to sacrifice for the team.

“Out on the field—this is your family,” he said. “Fight for each other. Never be afraid to fail, but learn from each other when you do. When you make yourself better, you make your team better. Effort has no bad day.”

Castillo, a native of Costa Rica, noted that he grew up in a community not unlike that of Southwest Denver. He spoke about his experience working toward a college scholarship, and the importance of finding and utilizing the many resources that exist to make that possible.

“Some people will always have more than you, and some people will always have less than you,” he told the team. “Take advantage of everything you have here at school and put the work in. There’s really no big secret other than that to reaching your goals.”

For the past two years, the KDCHS boys soccer team has consistently ranked among the top teams in the state. Currently, they are the second ranked 3A team in Colorado. They are on track to win the conference and host the first and second round of the playoffs, pending approval from CHSAA.

Check out highlights from a recent victory over Jefferson High School on 9News.

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