Open Positions

KIPP Colorado Schools is accepting applications for 2018-19 Lead Teachers at our elementary, middle, and high schools in all subject areas as well as non-instructional roles.  See below to learn more about our schools and open positions.

Instructional Positions                   

KIPP Northeast Elementary 

Long-term Sub: Kindergarten Teacher

Pre-K Teacher

Kindergarten Teacher

1st grade Teacher

2nd grade Teacher

3rd grade Teacher

4th grade Teacher

Elementary Teaching Fellow

Special Education Teacher

Social Worker (elementary)

Substitute Teacher (elementary school)


KIPP Sunshine Peak Elementary (opening fall 2018) 

Early Childhood Education- 3 Teacher

Early Childhood Education- 4 Teacher

Kindergarten Teacher

Special Education Teacher

Dance Teacher

Yoga Teacher

Art Teacher

Social Worker


KIPP Northeast Denver Middle School   

Literacy Interventionist

Teaching Fellow

6th grade Social Studies

8th grade Social Studies

7th grade Math Teacher

Math Interventionist

6th grade Science Teacher

Math Special Education Teacher

Affective Needs Teacher

Affective Needs Paraprofessional

Substitute Teacher (Middle school)


KIPP Northeast Denver Leadership Academy

9th grade Algebra I Teacher (immediate)

9th grade Environmental Science Teacher

10th grade Literature Teacher

Composition Teacher

10th grade Geometry

11th grade Pre-Calculus Teacher

11th grade AP Biology

ELL Teacher

Spanish Teacher

Special Education Teacher

AN Teacher

Teacher at Large

STEM Elective Teacher

French Teacher

Computer Science Teacher

Elective Teacher

High School Girl's Soccer Coach


KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy 

      Restorative Practices Paraprofessional (immediate)

Long-Term Sub: P.E. Teacher (immediate)

Reading Teacher

Composition Teacher

Math Interventionist

Science Teacher

STEM Teacher

Special Education Teacher

Social Studies Teacher

Substitute Teacher (middle school)


KIPP Denver Collegiate High School 

English Language Development Teacher

10th grade Algebra 2 Teacher

10th grade Chemistry Teacher

10th grade Literature Teacher

10th grade Composition Teacher

Special Education Math Teacher

Substitute Teacher (High school)

High School Athletic Coach- KIPP Denver Collegiate



Leadership and Support Staff Positions

Fisher Fellowship and Miles Family Fellowship

Director of Development and Individual Giving

Principal Resident

Elementary School Assistant Principal

Middle School Assistant Principal

High School Assistant Principal

Director of Accounting and Finance


School Psychologist


Interested in learning more before you apply? Email our team!