KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy

The very first KIPP Colorado charter school, KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy (KSPA) is an open-enrollment, free public school for students in grades 5 to 8. Offering an academically rigorous, college preparatory curriculum, KSPA offers its student added learning time—amounting to almost 60% more than in traditional school settings. KSPA students also benefit from physical education, computer arts instruction, week-long field lessons at the end of each year, and extracurricular opportunities ranging from a strong athletics program to yo-yo to gardening.

Like each of our schools, KSPA’s mission is focused on ensuring that each KSPA student is prepared for and on the road to college. Our readily achievable goals for future college success focus on three components: academic skills, intellectual habits, and the essential character traits that will ensure success as college graduates and adult citizens.

KSPA Information
School opening: 2002
School leader: Ms. Emily Yates
Enrollment: Grades 5-8; 375 students
Location: 375 S. Tejon St. Denver, CO 80223

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